Government’s Vehicle scrap policy 2022 (Latest Update) ! જાણો કયા વ્હીકલ સ્ક્રેપ પોલિસી હેઠળ આવે છે

New Vehicle scrap policy 2022 | The Gujarat government has started preparations for the implementation of the scrap policy. For this, the government has approved 85 fitness centers. Hence, a certificate has to be obtained for vehicles older than 15 years.

  • Preparations for implementation of scrap policy in Gujarat started
  • Government has given approval to 85 fitness centers
  • A certificate must be obtained for vehicles older than 15 years

Preparations have been started for the implementation of scrap policy in Gujarat. So fitness certificate has to be obtained for 15 years old vehicles. For this, the government has approved 85 fitness centers on PPP basis. In which 15 years old vehicles have to be checked. Vehicles that fail this test will be sent straight to the scrapyard. The fee for taking the test at the fitness center will be decided soon. It is worth mentioning that in Ahmedabad district alone, 20 lakh vehicles are 15 years old.


Due to scrap policy, vehicles older than 20 years will not be allowed on the road. Currently 51 lakh old vehicles are marked for scrapping in India. It also aims to encourage the purchase of new vehicles. Owners of 20-year-old vehicles will get a certificate for scrapping. After this certificate, they will get exemption from road tax and registration charges on buying a new vehicle.

Will a 15 year old vehicle also be covered under this policy?

Under this policy of the central government, 20 years old private vehicles running on petrol and diesel are allowed. But the condition is that the vehicle has to undergo a fitness test. On failure the vehicle will be scrapped. After June 1, 2024,

  • Companies give 5 percent discount on new cars to those who scrap their old cars
  • 5 percent discount on purchase of new vehicle under scrapping policy
  • 25% discount on road tax for 3 years after purchase of new car
  • No fee is charged for registration of new vehicle
  • The vehicle owner will get 4 to 6 percent of the cost of scrapping the vehicle.
  • After the policy, steel, rubber, aluminum, rubber will not have to be imported
  • After the implementation of the scrapping policy, the prices of vehicles may come down by 30 to 40 percent.

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