Modi sarkar has taken big decision ! Company have to pay 500 crore Fine if he declared any private information of any person without prior permission

➤ From reliable sources we get the information Modi government is going to apply personal data protection bill in the next budget session.

➤ Company have to pay 500 crore Fine if he declared any private information of any person without prior permission.

➤ No any company can escape from this rules.

We get to see the huge data has been stolen from the Aims Delhi hospital has been stolen by hackers. What is reason behind this incident ? May be the negligence of company. This incident is only a example but such numerous of incidents have occur each and every moment in the world.


With the aim of protection of digital data Modi Government is going to apply Digital personal data protection bill in next budget session. According to reliable sources we get to know in this bill it is clearly mentioned if any company, E- Commerce platform or any digital payment application declare any personal information without prior permission of relevant person they have to pay fine up to Rs. 500 corer.

Which Type Of Information Companies Are Sharing In This Days?

In these days many unreliable companies and E-Commerce Platforms are intentionally or unintentionally sharing personal information of customers and clients. But after enabling this rule no any company or platform may declare private information such as name, address, adhar number and contact number.

Person can report by E-Mail if he / she became victim

Government is going to built Data Suraksha Board in nearest future.If someone became victim of such scam he / she can report by E-mail to data suraksha board. Data suraksha board will take appropriate and strict action to bring justice to the victim.

No Any Company Will Escape

Minister of State for Information Technology Rajiv Chandra Shekhar says This rule will not be for only private company but ill be affect Government Companies and government organizations.


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